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Handmade Soap Referral Program

Love our handmade soap products? Earn free soap bars and a share of the sales! Our handmade soap referral program is simple:

1) Sign up

2) Get code

3) Share products

4) Receive rewards

5) Get paid

When customers make a purchase using your code, you'll earn store credit - for every $25 purchased, you receive $5 in store credit! You'll also receive a cash reward of 10% of each sale.

Want to earn more? Share more! Your cash reward increases as sales with your code increase, and sales totals are lifetime - your total doesn't reset when your payment is issued. Earn up to 15% of each sale:

Lifetime Sales Total
Referral Bonus
Up to $100
$101 - $249
Over $250

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Handmade Soap
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