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Maine is Magic

I was not born in Maine, but Maine is my forever home. I love Maine. Since the day I arrived here and set my feet on the sandy beach at Fort Williams, I have loved Maine. I have never felt compelled to leave this beautiful place. That's especially true since I became a parent.

Maine is magical. There is always a peaceful path we haven't walked, a river we haven't floated down, a campground we haven't stayed at, a mountain we haven't climbed. Watch fireflies appear as you hike down Bald Pate and you'll start to get that feeling that Maine is magic. On one such hike my husband and I were able to get so close to a herd of deer I worried one would approach us. The sun was setting and it was just feet from me, eyes locked on us, pure magic.

Apples abound in Maine and each year we love the corn mazes, apple cider donuts and small town fun that comes with apple-picking season. Along with apples we love our Maine blueberries. Blueberry picking with the kids over in Sebago is one of our favorite family activities. Pulling the largest blueberries you've every seen off high bushes to the tune of giggles and blueberry smiles... magic.

I can't wait to start visiting the Farmer's Market in Portland again. The first time I went to the market at Deering Oaks I couldn't believe my eyes. It's completely magical to walk amongst people who create everything around you. To see the hands that grew the beautiful basil. The hands that churned the cream to butter. The people of Maine are magical too. I love that I get to harness just a bit of that magic with my soaping.

The ocean has to be the most magical thing about Maine. Hands down. I love Sebago Lake. We lived in Naples and Long Lake has a special place in my heart. But for me, nothing can come close to that magical feeling of standing out looking over the ocean. I grew up without ever having seen an ocean. I used to dream of what it would be like. What it would smell like, sound like, feel like on my toes. The ocean is calming and invigorating at the same time. It's powerful, huge and unyielding. When I am there, I feel deeply connected our world. When it's night around the marshes, you can hear the ocean waves, the frogs and the crickets and it's a symphony. More magic.

All 3 of my children are Mainers. They have a harder time seeing the magic. It's easy to take for granted what we have all the time. Boy, hasn't the pandemic taught us that. I'm excited to get back out into Maine this summer. To travel all across our state again. From Katahdin to OOB to Jackman. I want my children to see, hear, feel and know all the magic that is Maine.

I can't wait to make more soaps inspired by our spring and summer travels and to share a bit of Maine with you. What will I find in our beautiful state to inspire me?


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