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The Garden Room

I love gardening and my particular passion is gardening edibles. I am an organic grower with a focus on containers. I live in Maine and we have pretty harsh winters here. Our growing season can be unpredictable and where I live beetles, grubs and other pests abound. I tried growing outdoors for year with some fair success and mountains of failures.

We happen to have a spare bedroom in our house. It has great light and large windows for the small room. It's perfect for plants. 14 LED grow lights supplement the sun. We've installed fans and keep the air circulating to prevent mold/flies. An additional growing tent to test indoor melons and squash now sits in the corner of the kitchen. It's pretty amazing. We regularly harvest fresh microgreens, baby lettuces and herbs. Tomatoes, peppers, and more hearty produce are in bloom and on the vines.

This room was my beloved soap room for my first two years of making. Right now I am making in my kitchen and the conjoining office to store my supplies and curing racks. I'm hoping in the next five years to make some strategic partnerships and moves to have an offsite workshop, retail and HELPERS! Oh the big dreams!

My plants are not only fresh food for my family but I've kept an eye toward you all when planting. I have fresh marigolds, pansies, begonias, geraniums, mini-roses, mint, lemongrass, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil and more. I am excited to create my own floral and herbal blends to give you. There is a real comfort and confidence that comes from controlling the quality of something, from start to finish. When you buy a Midnight Rose bar those roses were grown by me. When you buy a Sage and Marigold bar, those are my sage leaves and marigold blossoms dried on top. I watch my mints and lemongrass with childlike giddiness. I can't wait to infuse the lemongrass into oil to create something fragrant and fresh. I am so proud to share another part of who I am with all of you.


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