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Curing & Storing Natural Soap

There are a few simple rules to getting the absolute best out of your natural soap. First and foremost, patience. Natural cold process soap needs to cure. This curing time allows moisture, introduced in production, to evaporate from your bar. This evaporation process allows your bar to become it's very best. A fully cured, cold process bar will last and last!

Once your bar is cured you will want to store it away from moisture whenever it's not in use. Use a soap deck or other dish that keeps your soap up out of standing water. Keep unused bars in an acid free photo box or wooden box. You should not keep your soaps in a sealed container like Tupperware. It needs to breathe to keep curing. You can't overcure your natural soap. *** Do not use an aluminum based container or tin. Not only are they airtight, but aluminum can react with natural soap, especially cheap aluminum and mixed metail tins. ***

Feel free to display your cold process soaps while they cure! Be sure if you are displaying them in your shower area that you vent the steam and protect your soaps from moisture. Your bars smell wonderful and can be stored in a cardboard box in a drawer, closet or other area that you'd love a great fragrance in. I love stashing a tray with a few bars on my kitchen table. It makes that entire floor of my house smell amazing.


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