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When I reflect on the last year, on this sudsy, soapy journey, I am so grateful to and thankful for all of you.

To those of you who purchase my products, I can't say thank you enough. That support helps me to continue to grow. Not just to grow my business, but to grow my talent and myself as a human being. This journey has brought on experiences and opportunities that I never saw coming. None of the growth that comes from this journey would be possible without you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

To those of you who cheer me on and give your emotional support, I truly thank you. There are fails and sometimes failure can be really defeating. This was especially true in the beginning. Sometimes that small boost of confidence that someone gives is what keeps you moving after a failure.

I hope that my products add value to your life! I hope that they pamper and inspire you. When you use them I hope my gratitude and appreciation shine through.

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