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What's glycerin dew? What do I do about it?

Don't sweat the sweat! Sometimes we can't avoid humidity no matter how hard we try. I use low-sweat bases for all of my glycerin soaps, but sometimes 'dew' just happens.

DON'T PANIC! There's nothing wrong with your soap. It's only moisture that's gathered on the outside. The reason glycerin is so good for your skin is it's humectant properties. Humectants draw moisture from the air. They give you glowing, dewy looking skin. The glycerin in the soap is pulling humidity from your environment and it's beading on the outside of your soap. Dew on the outside of your soap means your soap is rich in glycerin. That's a great thing! Natural soaps are high in glycerin. Store bought detergent bars don't sweat because they've been stripped of that glycerin. Mass manufacturer's strip the glycerin and add it to more expensive products we purchase: like lotion.

With the unprecedented summer heat dew is going to happen. No matter how high-quality your soap is sometimes it's just inevitable. We are in a humid, hot summer like we literally have never seen. Records for heat and humidity are being set daily around our country.

It's perfectly fine to take a dry towel and wipe down your soaps. Easy peasy and good as new. It's also fine to hop in the shower and use up those little beads! Glycerin dew is not harmful in anyway and doesn't damage your soap.

I do take steps to mitigate sweating such as: making my embeds far in advance, not refrigerating the soaps, not boiling or overheating my base, running ac and humidity control in my workspace.

I could maybe, maybe, prevent soap dew by tightly wrapping all my soaps in plastic. It's an ethical issue for me and I'd rather have the dew and be proud of the high-quality, glycerin rich soap under it, than contribute to the planetary plastic crisis.


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