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You Matter to Me

We are all getting wise to what big beauty puts in their products. How they use meaningless buzz words and trend ingredients to sell more. When you pick up a mass produced bottle on the department store shelf, do you think they have your best interests at heart? Do you think they chose the ingredients of that detergent bar (yeah, it's not soap! ) carefully and with qualtiy in mind? Do you think they consider your needs as a person and not just a wallet? Do you think they make hard choices that benefit you and not their bottom line? No, no and no some more. You're a number in a ledger. It's a harsh and true reality.

That will never be the case when you order artisan, handmade products, like mine. Artisans take immense pride in what we do. I have stringent quality tests, endless hours of perfecting and most importantly I care. Each and every person who purchases something I have carefully crafted impacts and uplifts my life. That direct impact uplifts myself, my business and my family. I don't take that for granted. You matter to me.

Big beauty can live with unhappy, one-time buyers. They ran some ads, used a celebrity, grabbed your dollars and now they can move on. You're a number in the ledger. When you are a small business, especially a new brand, it's hard, really hard, to find customers and build trust. That trust is not something I will ever take for granted.

Thank you to my customers who take that step to build trust with me. Thank you to wholesale clients who trust me enough to build their brand with me.

Everyday, as I create, I am thinking of you. I am valuing the trust you have placed in me. I create with an eye toward giving you the best quality available, while still being reasonable, and making a steady living. It's never about being a billionare when you're an artisan. For me, it's about buidling something better. Better for you, better for our planet and a fulfilling journey for myself and my family.


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