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Mega Monsters are back! These are being handcrafted this Saturday. They will be ready to ship or pick up locally on June 30th. Mega Monsters are 10-12 ounces of handmade artisan soap. I use my classic artisan recipe with coconut, olive, grapeseed, sunflower and castor oil. This makes a luxe bar that is long-lasting and gentle. 

Monsters are so much work! They begin as a full size (4 ounce ) base bar. After these freshly made base bars are sliced I handpipe the scented soap frosting around the bar giving the monsters their adorable fur. Their adorable faces are then added. I create an assortment of eyes, mouths and I've been working on horns! These pieces are handsculpted from soap dough. ALL parts of my monsters are 100% soap. 


Monsters always sell out! Because of this I am opening them to preorders! If they sell out by June 1st, I'll create a second batch! 

MEGA Monster Soap Bars!


Mega Savings on Mega Monsters!